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    Golf & Private Clubs

    Illuminate Your Grounds & Impress Your Guests

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives® specializes in property lighting services for golf and private clubs. When your guests pay your club a visit, you want them to spend as much time on your property as possible. You can impress them all day with your stunning grounds, but you need to continue to engage them when it starts to get dark. With a perfectly designed lighting display, they’ll be sure to marvel at the warmth and ambiance the installation provides.

    We offer a variety of display options, including:

    • String lighting
    • Landscaping lighting
    • Pathway illumination
    • Holiday installations

    Customizable to Your Tastes

    Our lighting designers are experts with extensive experience and will happily make recommendations. However, we understand that every person has their own unique preferences, and no two properties are the same. That’s why during our complimentary design consultation, our designers will tour your club and get an understanding of the kind of installation you’re looking for. They’ll discuss with you everything from safety concerns, areas you want to illuminate, and budgetary restrictions. We’ll even provide a nighttime demonstration of your display so that you can see what it looks like before we even begin.

    It’s What We Do

    OLP is so confident in our lighting displays because, simply, it’s all we do. For over 20 years, we’ve been delivering on our promise to captivate our customers with our finished product. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for your golf or private club and to request your free consultation.