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    Hotels & Resorts

    “Wow” Your Guests with Outdoor Lighting

    As an owner or manager of a hotel or resort, you understand that the ultimate goal is to guarantee guests have a memorable experience. One way to ensure a truly unforgettable time at your resort or country club is with a professionally designed architectural and landscape lighting system handcrafted by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives®. Members can relax in the warm ambiance of energy-efficient lighting highlighting the beauty of your property while enjoying the resort’s amenities long after the sun sets.

    We can enhance any area of your property with:

    • Festive string lighting
    • Pathway lighting
    • Landscape and garden lighting
    • Deck, patio, and balcony lighting

    We’ll Customize Your Installation

    With OLP’s unique consultative approach, you can rest assured knowing your property is illuminated to perfection. We offer complimentary design consultations, which means we’ll take a tour of your property with you and discuss what you’re looking for. We’ll make suggestions, point out areas that can be enhanced by lighting, and make safety recommendations.

    Discover LED Outdoor Lighting Technology

    At OLP, we are proud to use environmentally-friendly LED technology, which offers beautiful light as well as energy savings. This technology offers high efficiency, longer bulb life, materials that are not toxic, and durability. Our lighting professionals have the materials, understanding, and experience needed to make the most of this technology.