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    Perfected illumination
    is easier when you know the score

    Is your outdoor lighting system working like the day it was installed? With our free Lighting Assessment Score (LAS), our certified technicians will take a look at your existing system, provide recommendations for improvements and give your system a score.

    Our LAS Process

    During your free lighting assessment, our technicians will walk your property and look at every element of your system at no cost to you. Here’s how it works:

    At the end of our assessment, our technicians will provide your score and report to you, including recommendations on how to improve the design and functionality of your outdoor lighting system.

    Here are some common issues found during outdoor lighting system inspections:

    • Exposed wires
    • Pathways not properly lit
    • Dark areas on facade
    • Bulbs not working
    • Broken fixtures

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is one of the only full-service outdoor lighting companies that provides year-round maintenance for existing systems — even if we didn’t do the installation!