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    LED & Lighting Technology

    LED landscape and architectural lighting is both energy-efficient and effective - beautifully illuminating your property without the cost of halogen or line-voltage lights.

    Lighting Automation Solutions

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provide opportunities for homeowners to adjust and operate their outdoor lighting systems from their phones.


    • Color changing
    • Zoning & Dimming
    • Automation
    • Control from anywhere

    LED Technology Benefits

    • Green Technology

      Reduces power usage and decrease greenhouse gas emissions

    • Longevity

      Average useful bulb life of up to 50,000 hours

    • Operation Costs

      Provides significant savings on electrical operating costs

    • Durability

      Operates in both extremely warm and cold weather conditions

    Six Steps to Retrofitting

    • Site Survey

      We’ll tour your property with you and discuss your preferences, budget, and any concerns or questions you may have. We’ll need to know what configuration and lighting type your current system has to properly plan for your conversion to LED.

    • Product Selection

      You’ll work with one of our designers to determine the lighting types that suit your preferences. We’ll be honest and upfront and there won’t be any surprises.

    • Schedule

      Our local technicians will find a suitable time for your installation. Really, we just can’t wait to leave your property in better shape than when we found it.

    • Removal

      Removal of all the existing lighting and wiring. Nothing complicated here. Just get the old wiring out of the way.

    • Installation

      Our professional installation team is thoroughly trained and will pay attention to every single detail. We’ll perfectly position our efficient LED fixtures and make sure any wires are buried or hidden.

    • Maintenance

      For every display we install, we include 12 months of free maintenance to ensure your system is always shining as bright as it did the day we installed it.

    Compare The Differences

    Lighting Comparision LED Halogen incandescent Solar
    Quality of Light Color Very Good Good Moderate Poor
    Brightness Very Good Good Good Poor
    Energy Cost Excellent Good Moderate Zero
    Life Expectancy 30K - 50K Hours 2k - 5k Hours 750-2000 Hours Varies
    Directional Capability Very Good Very Good Very Good Poor
    Nightly Duration Flexible Timer Flexible Timer Flexible Timer Short
    Initial Cost High Reasonable High Low